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Brighton, United Kingdom
I am an illustrator by profession and have a wide range of creation in graphic, illustration, web design, and animation. This portfolio is a collection of my critical diary of the MA Sequential Design/Illustration in Uni of Brighton.

Friday, 27 January 2012


This film depicts a ten-year-old girl growing up in a single-parent family. Her teacher gave her homework to take a picture of the whole family. She had to use this chance to get her parents together. The picture was drawn by the leading character, a ten-year-old girl. It showed the girl's desire for family love. I separated each element by Photoshop and created motions by After Effect. It was my first time for using After Effect.

I also designed the title font in a childish way, and added source material from film, such as music box, boat, pen, and camera into the title. In the end, I colored the title with crayon and Photoshop.    

Title Homework | Description Opening Title, May, 2009 | Method After Effect, Hand-drawn, Photoshop, Adobe Premiere | Size NTSC 1440dpi(W)X1080dppi(H) 1 Min | Purpose The Opening Title was made for a final project film of my friend.