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Brighton, United Kingdom
I am an illustrator by profession and have a wide range of creation in graphic, illustration, web design, and animation. This portfolio is a collection of my critical diary of the MA Sequential Design/Illustration in Uni of Brighton.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Dear Croco Man

This work was inspired by an animation from Japan, Doudoulong. There were a lot of unhappy things in the world, and people wanted to get rid of them sometimes. How were we out of touch with reality? Therefore, I created the Croco Man. The Croco Man was a kind of transportation taking people or animals to paradise.   

When I created the characters in this work, I thought that people always had two-faced personalities. For this reason, I combined two different and conflicting elements in each character. A pink and soft rabbit had a sharp beak, a blunt penguin had a long and ingenious nose, and the Croco Man was combined a crocodile with a camel. He looked ferocious, but he had a propensity for tolerance.

Title Dear Croco Man | Description Illustration, Oct, 2008 | Method Acrylic on paper | Size 54.6cm(W)*39.3cm(H)