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I am an illustrator by profession and have a wide range of creation in graphic, illustration, web design, and animation. This portfolio is a collection of my critical diary of the MA Sequential Design/Illustration in Uni of Brighton.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Food Inspiration

I love eating. Food is the best remembrance of traveling for me. The first image and the second image were Korean food which was eaten by me during the journey in Seoul in 2011. The others were Tainan Food. Tainan is my hometown, and is famous for its side dishes. When I moved back to Tainan in 2011, I usually took a walk around the city and ate side dishes as much as I could. I practiced sketching those foods, and found out how to depict them in my own style.

Korean Food

Tainan Food
Eel Noodles
Rice Pudding

Title Hoping Mooooo | Description Illustration, Jan, 2009 | Method Acrylic on canvas | Size 45.5cm(W)*53cm(H) | Purpose To create a New Year’s card of 2009.